World Lung Cancer Day at Bill Walsh Lab

Today is World Lung Cancer Day – we stand together side-by-side with patients, advocates, clinicians, and nurses to help drive desperately needed changes on how we view and treat lung cancer.

Courtesy of Lung Foundation Australia – here’s 3 facts to take away from today:
1. Roughly 12,500 Australians were diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017 – that is 34 people per day! It is also our biggest cancer killer – more than breast, prostate and ovarian cancers combined.
2. “If you have lungs you can get lung cancer” – many patients who are diagnosed are not smokers (roughly 30% of patients at RNSH have never smoked).
3. Lung cancer is severely under-researched and under-resourced. Despite being our biggest cancer killer, less than 5% of national research funding goes to lung cancer.

We need to demand change to improve lung cancer patient outcomes. The Bill Walsh Lab stands by Lung Foundation Australia who have gone to Canberra today to urge politicians to act now.

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