Pancreatic Cancer

Holding senior handHarnessing the power within to conquer pancreatic cancer

Dr Emily Colvin, A/Prof Nick Pavlakis, A/Prof Viive Howell and Dr Chris Weir

Harnessing “the power within us” is emerging as a powerful weapon against cancer. Therapies that unleash the body’s immune system to seek out and destroy pancreatic cancer will be assessed in combination with chemotherapy. This research will provide new options and hope for patients with pancreatic cancer.


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Clotting in pancreatic cancer

Dr Adrian Lee, A/Prof Viive Howell and A/Prof Helen Wheeler

Clotting is a major cause of death amongst cancer patients. This project will determine the incidence of clotting events in pancreatic cancer patients and identify clinical and molecular parameters that correlate with an increased risk of clotting. Using this information we hope to develop a predictive tool to identify patients at an increased risk of clotting events who would benefit from prophylactic treatment.

Funding: Donations for Pancreatic Cancer Research to The Bill Walsh Cancer Research Fund


Biomarker Discovery in Pancreatic Cancer

Dr Chris Nahm, Dr. Anubhav Mittal, A/Prof. Jaswinder Samra, Professor Thomas J Hugh, Mrs Elizabeth Millar, Dr Emily Colvin and A/Prof Viive Howell

Pancreatic cancer is a disease that is unfortunately detected late in its course and lacking effective treatments. In addition, it is currently difficult to predict which patients will benefit from major surgery for pancreatic cancer. We are utilising a number of techniques to identify proteins and metabolites in urine and blood to allow early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer that may be used in the future as a screening tool for this disease. We are also analysing tumour samples to identify unique protein signatures that allow accurate prediction of survival benefit after pancreatic cancer surgery.