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Neurosurgical trainee Dr Peter Khong, May 17, 2013

Dr Peter Khong knew scholarships were “rare” when he spotted a brochure about the Avant Doctor in Training Research Scholarships.

Currently in his third year of neurosurgical training at Liverpool Hospital, Dr Khong will spend a year researching high grade glioma brain tumours based at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

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Kolling Institute Research award to Dr Chris Weir, March 19, 2013

Dr Chris Weir’s work developing a cancer vaccine was recognised by the inaugural Kolling Institute Translational Award for the discovery with the greatest potential for incorporation into clinical use.

Dr Weir has developed a procedure for preparing autologous (self) vaccines from a tumour sample. In the laboratory, remission rates of 60% or extended survival were observed following challenge with brain cancer. Similar response rates with no side effects were seen in a trial in dogs treated with autologous vaccines to a variety of cancers.

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