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Goldman Sachs, through its Goldman Sachs Gives fund, are committed to fostering innovative ideas, solving economic and social issues, and enabling progress in the global community.
Goldman Sachs Gives has provided more than $1.25 billion in grants and partnered with over 5,700 non-profit organisations in 80 countries around the world since 2010. Of that, over $87 million has been granted to 400 hospitals and organisations supporting medical research and programs.

The Bill Walsh Lab is privileged to be undertaking crucial research in Colorectal Cancer (CRC) supported by the Goldman Sachs Gives fund.
Australia has one of the world’s highest rates of CRC. Each year, over 15,000 new cases and over 4,000 deaths due to CRC are reported in Australia, making this the third leading cause of cancer-related death. Whilst almost 40% die of their disease, if diagnosed in the early stages, CRC is one of the most curable of cancers. Given this, treatment strategies based on individual predictions of risk are vital.

Inflammation is a cardinal feature of CRC cancer – it is associated with worse clinical outcomes and slower anti-cancer drug clearance.
Research undertaken by Bill Walsh Lab researchers Dr Connie Diakos and Dr Sarah Hayes aims to identify inflammatory and genetic-based biomarkers of prognosis for patients with CRC.

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