Dr Yaser Hadi Gholami wins Physics Grand Challenges Grant

The Bill Walsh Laboratory is pleased to announce that Dr Yaser Hadi Gholami, one of our postdoctoral research fellows, has been awarded the prestigious and competitive 2020 Physics Grand Challenges grant.

The Grand Challenges project was initiated by the University of Sydney School of Physics as a way to address the most important and exciting opportunities for physics to drive new discoveries and breakthroughs that will transform the world, and it awards funding of up to $250,000 over two years to interdisciplinary, groundbreaking projects that are difficult to fund from conventional schemes. Dr Gholami’s project, Positronium the key for cancer annihilation, was selected by the Grand Challenges panel this year. Read more about his project and how this funding will impact it in an interview with him at the Sydney Vital website.

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