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Memorial donations can be made to our lab as a way of perpetuating the memory of a loved one who has lost their fight against cancer

If you would like to arrange donations to our cancer research instead of funeral flowers, we can provide special cards with return-addressed envelopes for the funeral service. Many Funeral Directors already have these. If yours does not, ask them to contact us on +61 2 9926 4722.

Alternately, use one of these 3 options:

Online: Please click on the “Donate” button below, select “Kolling Institute of Medical Research”, then “Bill Walsh Lab” and complete the details.

By phone: Please call the NORTH Foundation on +612 9436 0610 (please specify you would like to donate to the Bill Walsh Lab).

By Credit Card or Cheque/Money Order: Please fill details on the form below. Print and post form with cheque/money order enclosed. Please see postal address at the bottom of donation form.

With your help we are making a difference

Please select ‘Kolling Institute of Medical Research’ then ‘Bill Walsh Lab’ on the ‘Donate to’ drop down menu.

How to Donate