4th Annual White Pearl Ball 2018

Bill Walsh Lab members recently attended a fundraising event organised by the White Pearl Foundation to support the dedicated researchers of The Brain Cancer Group (Corporate Partner the Bank of Sydney).

Bill Walsh and The Brain Cancer Group (TBCG) researchers Dr Amanda Hudson and Dr Kelly McKelvey addressed the audience to provide an update of the research and progress made by TBCG over the last 12 months.

“Earlier this year, we showed that following treatment, a quarter of all brain cancers tested changed their morphology or the way they look and also the way they function. In particular they became more immuno-suppressive meaning that the cancer is actively protecting itself from the body’s nature defence mechanism, the immune system.”

“Today our research moves into the area of understanding how brain cancer cells communicate with the immune system, and how we can best harness the immune system to fight brain cancer.”

“Tonight we ask you to make a pact with us and TBCG. Join us in the fight against brain cancer. Donate tonight and support the White Pearl Ball and the efforts of Suzane [Peponis Brisimis founder of the White Pearl Foundation] who has put together this evening to raise money for brain cancer research on behalf of TBCG . Her fight. Your fight. Our fight…To give the right patient, the right treatment, at the right time.”

Special thanks to Suzane Peponis Brisimis founder of the White Pearl Foundation and Bank of Sydney’s CEO Miltos Michaelas for their continued support in aid of brain cancer research and progress toward a cure.

The White Pearl Foundation website is www.whitepearlfundraiser.org

Photo credit – White Pearl Foundation

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