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March 2017

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Congratulations Dr Adrian Lee!

Archive News

Congratulations to Dr Amanda Hudson – 2017 Sportswoman of the Year


Congratulations to Dr Emily Colvin!

Congratulations to Dr Emily Colvin on being awarded an Early Career Fellowship from Cancer Institute NSW!
This will enable Emily to continue her research into ovarian cancer.


Scott Canner Young Research Grant: Dr Sarah Hayes

Congratulations to Dr Sarah Hayes from the Bill Walsh Lab. at the Kolling Institute, University of Sydney!



76 year old Margaret-Anne Hayes parachuted out of a plane to raise funds for cancer research.


Congratulations to Dr Chris Weir

Congratulations to Dr Chris Weir on being awarded a Canine Research Foundation grant of $14,000, to run a safety trial of next generation cancer vaccines and targeted IL-15 plasmid therapy.

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